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Twitter Revolution

It appears Twitter is playing an important role at a crucial time…
P.J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs

We believe that now is a crucial time.

We believe that resistance is important.

We believe that new communications modes can have an important role to play.

And we believe that this applies as much in the rest of the world as in Iran.

Elliot Madison appeared to believe many of the same things. And the FBI believed that he should be stopped.

You turned your twitter avatar green to show solidarity with the people of Iran.

Now turn it red and black to show solidarity with the resistance movement in the USA.

Update Nov 3 2009: All Pennsylvania charges have now been dropped!; however, there is still some concern about “ongoing investigations.” Friends of Tortuga is providing updates.

Jan 28 2010: According to friends of tortuga, the affidavits regarding the original searches remain sealed as the “investigation” allegedly continues.

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